Sustainability & Revenue Streams

Myax helps designers transform artworks into wearable Fashion NFTs, simplifying the process of creating, minting, selling, and renting NFTs directly from the MYAX platform. MYAX also offers a bridge to the fashion industry and art collectors with its Fashion NFTs.


  • Achieve a stable and growing $MYAX price.

  • Maintain a healthy and active ecosystem with increasing user adoption.

  • Ensure sustainability of rewards and incentives.

  • Ensure marketplace activity and revenue.

Revenue Streams:

Revenue Distribution:

Platform Tax:

  • Total Revenue: 2% of all transactions on the platform

    • Distribution:

      • 1% to Marketing & Development wallet

      • 1% to Team wallet

Marketplace Commission for Regular NFTs:

  • Total Revenue: 20% of all regular NFT sales on the marketplace

    • Distribution:

      • 100% to the Ecosystem and Staking wallet

Marketplace Commission for NFTs with Staking Utility:

  • Total Revenue: 40% of sales for NFTs with staking utility

    • Distribution:

      • 100% will be burned.

Impact of Revenue Streams:

  • Strengthening Ecosystem: The significant contribution of commissions directly to the Ecosystem and Staking wallet will ensure sustainability. This will keep the ecosystem robust, allowing more incentives for users to stake and participate.

  • Marketing & Development: The 1% distribution from the platform tax to the Marketing & Development wallet will ensure continuous funds to promote the platform and invest in tech advancements, keeping MYAX at the forefront of innovation.

  • Team Compensation: The equal 1% distribution to the Team wallet ensures that those working on and for MYAX are fairly compensated, ensuring motivation and consistent project development.

  • Staking Utility Boosting Sales: By offering higher commissions for NFTs with staking utility, MYAX incentivizes creators to offer staking utilities. This not only benefits the creators but also the fans. The ability to earn rewards by staking NFTs will likely attract more buyers, driving up sales and generating more revenue for the ecosystem.

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