Deflationary Mechanism & Market Confidence

Central to MYAX's economic strategy is a built-in deflationary mechanism. By adopting this approach, we highlight our commitment to long-term sustainability and the overarching value proposition of the $MYAX ecosystem.

  • Content Highlights:

    • Token Burn Dynamics:

      • Explainer articles and videos detailing the concept of "token burn," illustrating the advantages and significance of a deflationary mechanism.

      • Infographics on the "NFT Marketplace Commissions": A significant 40% of commissions from the NFT marketplace transactions is designated for burning. This purposeful reduction in $MYAX tokens in circulation underscores our prioritization of sustainable value.

      • Case studies illustrating the impact of past burn events on token economics and value.

  • Community Initiatives:

    • Understanding Token Burn Sessions: Engaging webinars and AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions focused on explaining the reasons and mechanics behind our token-burning strategy.

    • Burn Event Announcements: Timely and transparent announcements whenever a token burn event is scheduled, followed by a detailed report after its completion.

    • Feedback Loops: Engage the community through surveys and open forums to gather feedback on our deflationary tactics and any suggestions for improvement.

Target Audience: Current and potential $MYAX token holders, long-term investors, and crypto analysts.

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