Exchange Listings Proliferation

Listing on renowned exchanges amplifies our reach. Our goal here is to harness this platform to boost trading volume and ensure a positive token price trajectory.

  • Official Announcements:

    • Press Briefs: Widely disseminated releases on premier crypto news channels.

    • Dedicated Blogs: Informative articles on MYAX’s website detailing the listing specifics.

  • Exchange Synergies:

    • Staking Programs: Exclusive MYAX staking opportunities.

    • Trading Competitions: Encouraging healthy trading competition with rewards.

    • Promotional Fees: Reduced trading fees for an initial period to attract traders.

  • User Engagement:

    • Education: Webinars and material guiding purchases and token storage.

    • Referral Rewards: Benefits for community members driving more traders to the platform.

Target Demographic: Crypto day-traders, investors on partnered exchanges.

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