Unlock the True Potential of Your Fanbase

  1. Fashion NFT Creation, Utilities, Listing, and Sharing Introduction: Dive deep into a world where creativity meets technology. With MYAX, influencers can seamlessly design their unique Fashion NFTs, add bespoke utilities, list them on our marketplace, and share their digital fashion creations across social networks to enthrall their followers. Features: • Intuitive NFT design tool, powered by advanced AI. • A simple utility addition interface, allowing influencers to embed special features or perks to their NFTs. • Hassle-free listing procedure on the MYAX marketplace. • Direct sharing options to popular social networks for maximum visibility with an integrated AR filter tool. User Journey: Log into the MYAX platform. Navigate to the NFT design module. Collaborate with AI to design the digital fashion piece. Add utilities/features to the NFT. List the final product on the MYAX marketplace with a simple click. Share the NFT listing across social networks using integrated share buttons.

  2. MYAX Marketplace Introduction: A secure and user-friendly hub for trading digital fashion. The MYAX Marketplace is a space where fans can effortlessly purchase or sell unique fashion NFTs, ensuring every transaction is smooth, transparent, and trustworthy. Features: • User-friendly interface for both experienced and novice users. • Safe and secure transaction processes. • Detailed NFT descriptions, histories, and provenances. • Integrated payment gateways for easy checkouts. User Journey: Browse the MYAX Marketplace. Select the desired NFT. View detailed descriptions and history. Click to purchase or sell. Follow the simple checkout procedure.

  3. Content Creation Tool Introduction: Elevate your digital content game. Integrate your Fashion NFTs into Augmented Reality (AR) filters on popular web2 social networks, making your content more engaging, interactive, and shareable. Features: • AR filter creation tool integrated with NFTs. • Direct integration with major social networks. • Customizable filters for added uniqueness. User Journey: Choose a Fashion NFT from your collection. Navigate to the AR filter creation tool. Customize and apply the chosen NFT as a filter. Share directly on social platforms or download for future use.

  4. MYAX: More than a Platform Introduction: At MYAX, we offer more than just a creative platform; we provide a holistic ecosystem. Consider MYAX as a digital wardrobe for your Fashion NFTs. What's more? Our platform also functions as a non-custodial, social recovery wallet, letting users stake $MYAX tokens and their NFTs securely. Features: • Digital wardrobe to store and view Fashion NFTs. • Non-custodial wallet with social recovery features for enhanced security. • Integrated staking options for $MYAX tokens and NFTs. User Journey: Access the MYAX digital wardrobe. View and manage your Fashion NFT collection. Navigate to the wallet section and set up social recovery options. Choose staking options and stake $MYAX tokens/NFTs.

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