Pre-listing Anticipation Build-up

As we inch closer to our official listing, our objective is laser-focused on generating a buzz and establishing a keen anticipation for $MYAX.

  • Content Initiatives:

    • Whitepaper Excerpts: Extracted highlights introducing investors to our vision and mechanics.

    • Infographics: Visual representation of MYAX's benefits and platform functionality.

    • Teaser Campaign: A series of videos providing sneak peeks into what MYAX promises.

  • Community Pulse:

    • Interactive AMAs: Regular 'Ask Me Anything' sessions on Telegram and other platforms.

    • Partner-Hosted AMAs: Engaging with broader crypto communities through partnered discussions.

    • Community Building: Dedicated efforts to grow our presence on Telegram and other platforms, forming a nexus of potential investors and enthusiasts.

  • Strategic Advertisements:

    • Spotlights: Sponsored features on renowned crypto-centric news platforms.

    • Influencer Collaborations: Partnerships with crypto influencers on YouTube and other platforms to discuss and dissect MYAX's potential.

Target Demographic: Early bird investors, crypto-enthusiasts, and forward-thinking adopters.

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