Executive Summary

For the past decade, new technologies have been accelerating the evolution of our storytelling mediums—how we create, experience, and interact with stories.
Social platforms have changed what it means to tell a story: from a linear narrative to a multidimensional experience, from passive consumption to interactive participation.
Myax - My Avatar X is about creating a new frontier for creativity in the digital world—one based on creating engaging content using avatars and another on transforming designers’ artworks into avatar wearable Fashion NFTs.
Myax is a new-generation digital content creation platform. We help Influencers create engaging content for social networks with their avatars. Myax is the bridge between Web2 & Web3 for over +50M Influencers by offering a sustainable Create to Earn mechanism for content creation. It overcomes the friction of web3 login with a social recovery non-custodial wallet. A unique platform that offers an end-to-end solution for transforming, minting, and distributing designer's artworks into wearable fashion NFTs offering great opportunities for creative society and the fashion industry. Myax is where creators, users, investors, technology innovators, and influencers come together in a new digital layer that is transparent, verifiable, interoperable, sustainable, secured by $MYAX coin, and accessible to anyone who wants to create.
Situation: Content creator economy size exceeds $100 billion
Complication: Influencers are struggling with the new frontiers of storytelling
Question: How can we help over 50 million influencers on web3 transformation?