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Executive Summary

Unlock the True Potential of Your Fanbase with MYAX.
In the sweeping currents of the digital revolution, where art meets algorithm and creation converges with cryptography, a novel beacon emerges — MYAX. This platform does not merely represent another stride in blockchain innovation; it stands as a testament to the symbiosis between human creativity and the untapped potential of decentralized technology.
$MYAX token, the cornerstone of this ecosystem, encapsulates a vision where content creators, previously confined by the boundaries of traditional platforms, can redefine their artistic boundaries. Powered by unique mechanisms like NFT staking, MYAX offers a rejuvenated approach to digital art's valuation and sustainability, setting a new gold standard for content monetization in the Web3 domain.
This whitepaper elucidates the MYAX journey, from its foundational philosophy to its intricate technical framework. As we delve deeper, readers will discover a meticulously crafted ecosystem that has the potential to reshape the contours of content creation, ownership, and monetization in the decentralized world.

Problem Statement
In the ever-growing $250B digital content industry, over 200 million creators grapple with limited monetization options, leaving a massive potential untapped.
Sources: Goldman Sachs, Adobe, Linktree, Thinkific

Our Innovative Solution
MYAX blends blockchain technology with the magic of human creativity. Harnessing AI, MYAX offers creators a platform to design, mint, and sell Fashion NFTs, addressing the desires of 67% of content creators who yearn to monetize their audience through product sales.
  1. 1.
    Prompt Your Idea - With just an idea, MYAX's AI crafts your exclusive fashion NFT collection.
  2. 2.
    List on the NFT Marketplace - Bring your unique creations to the marketplace, making them available for enthusiasts.
  3. 3.
    Engage & Earn - Share the exciting news with your followers, and with each sale, enjoy lifelong royalties.

  • Influencers: Create and monetize unique NFTs, tap into new revenue streams, and offer fans a richer interaction mechanism through staking.
  • Fans: Fans aren't left out. They get the chance to earn staking rewards and get closer to the influencers they love.

Deflation Mechanism 40% of platform earnings (marketplace commissions) are burned, introducing a deflationary aspect to the token economy.

Market Potential & Opportunity
The digital content creation arena boasts 200 million creators, translating to an estimated yearly demand of $160M for $MYAX. With 67% of content creators geared towards product monetization, MYAX stands not just as a singular platform but as the pivotal gateway into the world of Web3 for both creators and their vast followings.

Our Competitive Edge
  • Expansive Outreach of content creators
  • Unparalleled Value through $MYAX
  • NFT Staking
  • Fusion of Human and AI Creativity set us apart
  • Sleek User Experience with easy web2 social network integration
  • Strong Collaborations with industry forerunners

Revenue Streams
MYAX’s economic model rests on four pillars:
  • Platform Taxation
  • Marketplace Commissions
  • Sponsorships & Endorsements
A significant 74% of the revenue activities on MYAX (an estimated $160M/year) exist independently of the $MYAX price fluctuations.