Market Potential & Opportunity

More than just a one-stop shop for content creators, MYAX envisions itself as the premier entry point into Web3 for both creators and their followers. In doing so, it not only offers unique services but addresses the larger challenges of user acquisition and marketing that plague the Web3 industry. By acting as a conduit, MYAX shifts from being a singular platform to a dynamic gateway, introducing users to a spectrum of Web3 projects and possibilities.

Content Creators: Over 200 million untapped potentials in the digital content creation space Fashion Industry: A multi-trillion dollar industry seeking new avenues for growth Est. $160M yearly Demand for $MYAX: Brands are spending a total of $6 billion on influencer marketing 94.5% of creators are using AI for at least one task, and 67% of content creators who’ve monetized their audience sell some kind of product NFT Trade: 68.35 million NFT traded by 10.6 million traders The market potential for MYAX is immense. With over 200 million content creators worldwide and the fashion industry boasting billions of followers, there is a massive audience eagerly awaiting new and exciting experiences. Our estimations show that MYAX can generate a yearly economic activity of $160 million, highlighting the immense growth potential for our platform. The creator economy market size is estimated at $104.2 billion with over 200 million creators. The influencer marketing market size is estimated at $16.6 billion with 50 million influencers. The fashion influencer marketing market size is $4.08 billion with 12.5 fashion influencers.* * * *

The dapp (decentralized application) industry experienced a 50% increase in unique active wallets (dUAW) in 2022, rising from an average of 1.58 million daily UAW in 2021 to 2.37 million in 2022 on average. MYAX targets 500.000 qUAW in 24 months; a significant market expansion (more than double qUAW SocialFi wallet numbers, nearly 50% for Total unique active wallets).

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