Problem Identification & Market

The current process of creating avatar content is time-consuming, lacks customization options, and is limited in terms of flexibility and scalability. There is a need for a tool that streamlines the creation process, offers a wide range of customization options, and is scalable to meet the changing demands of the user. The lack of such a tool leads to a significant delay in the production and delivery of avatar content, hinders user engagement, and limits the growth potential of the industry. The Myax project aims to address this issue by developing an advanced avatar content creation tool that addresses these pain points and enables users to easily create high-quality avatar content. The targeted users of Myax are influencers and wearable fashion/NFT designers. For those creators, we can simplify their problems below.
Problems that creators are facing;
  • Lack of understanding of cryptocurrencies
  • 41% of influencers share content daily
  • No easy way to create and share engaging content
  • Hard to expose to wider audiences
  • Focus more on commercialization than on the creation
The creator economy market size is estimated at $104.2 billion with 303 million creators. The influencer marketing market size is estimated at $16.6 billion with 50 million influencers. The fashion influencer marketing market size is $4.08 billion with 12.5 fashion influencers.* * *